Opening hours:

Wednesday - Sunday 09:00-20:00

Access according to 3G rule:

From 23 August 2021, access to the BikiniARTmuseum will be permitted in accordance with the 3G rule(access only for vaccinated, recovered or tested persons).

For all persons who are neither fully vaccinated nor recovered, a negative rapid antigen test(not older than 24 hours) or a negative PCR test(not older than 48 hours) is mandatory.  

Children up to the age of 6 areexcluded.


Countries may provide for regulations to suspend all or part of the 3G rule as long as the 7-day incidence in a county is stably below 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants or a country's indicator system reflects a comparably low incidence of infections and an increase in infection numbers is not expected as a result of the suspension of regulations.

The necessity of the 3G rule is reviewed at least every four weeks.