The most valuable collection of swimwear in the world -
from 19th century full-body clothing to the "Fio Dental" (Engl. "dental floss bikini")

The BikiniARTmuseum's swimwear collection is unique in the world: it is the only one to include swimwear pieces from three centuries and all continents of the world, starting with a full-body costume from 1870. The exhibition pays tribute to showpieces from traditional companies such as Triumph, Naturana or Jantzen as well as swimwear from established haute couture labels such as Chanel, Pucci or Dior. Extravagant rarities such as the "Christ Swimsuit" by the Brazilian brand "Salinas", banned by the Bishop of Rio de Janeiro, are nexemplary examples of the close interweaving of swimwear and scandal. The crowning glory of the collection: almost all existing swimwear pieces by Louis Réard, the inventor of the bikini.
In particular: the "Golden Réard", Réard's only surviving individual piece and thus the historically most valuable bikini.

Also: swimwear owned by international world stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Elke Sommer, Esther Williams or Scarlett Johansson.

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Opening on 04 January 2020.

Opening hours will be announced shortly.

Monday - Sunday
10:00 - 20:00
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World's first Community of Swimwear offers various tickets. Additional costs may be incurred for special events and exhibitions. We would like to make our admission prices reasonable and give everyone the opportunity to discover the fascination of the Museum of Modern Art. We offer reduced prices for members, children and pensioners. Would you like more information? Please contact us.

 The spectacular collection of the BikiniARTmuseum comprises a total of around 1,200 pieces of swimwear, including many unique pieces. The above illustrations will give you a small insight. In the museum, moving company stories, personal fates and curious incidents invite you to reflect, marvel and laugh ! You can also learn more about the development of materials and fabrics, different types and shapes of swimwear and follow the path that a bikini has to take from the first idea to the shop shelf.

Also: the history of the bathing cap, which is shown by means of the largest collection of bathing caps in the world. We have made the entire collection available to you as a free online museum!
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