KIT Our comprehensive press kit of the 1st International Museum of Bathing Culture includes:
  • 1) Presentation BikiniARTmuseum

    2) The Mission
  • 3) The Vision
  • 4) Where is Alda? The Genesis of the Museum
  • 5) Capital of swimwear
    6) The tripartite division of the museum (HISTORY - ART - MOVE)

    - The invention of the bikini, Louis Réard and "The Golden Réard"
    - Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood and style icons
    - Scandals and strong women
    - The most valuable swimwear collection in the world
    - Exhibition themes by country and area

    -Prominence produces exclusive artworks for the BAM

    -PopUp, staging & lots of movement
    ) BikiniARTmuseum - Isn't that sexist? A commentary
  • 8) Practical information and press
    Appendix and HD images)