Dear BAM friends,

we hope you personally, your family and loved ones are well. This is a special time - for all of us. Everyone is forced to readjust their life and their daily routine. We must master this great challenge together!

Unfortunately we have to postpone the opening of the BikiniARTmuseum because of COVID-19. Please understand that we are currently unable to communicate a new opening date. Should measures be decided, which allow a restricted public life again, the BikiniARTmuseum will work immediately to take all possible protective measures to make a regular opening, operation and above all a safe, harmless visit for all guests possible. Meanwhile, the production work continues unchecked.

We would like to thank all helpers for their untiring efforts in this difficult time and join in the collective commitment with which many companies and people want to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Let us tackle it together and overcome the crisis in solidarity!

Stay healthy,

Your BikiniARTmuseum-Team