Around 15 original bikinis and garments owned by the singer, as well as her very intimate relationship with the two-piece, will be made accessible to a public audience in the exhibition for the first time in Germany.© Charles Moriarty

She is considered one of the most successful singers of the 21st century, who achieved legendary status with her distinctive smoky timbre, a genre mix of jazz, soul, blues and pop, her characteristic retro look and also because of her early death: Amy Winehouse. On the occasion of the 11th anniversary of the soul legend's death, the BikiniARTmuseum is dedicating its own exhibition to her eventful life for the first time in Germany. One highlight: 15 original pieces of clothing owned by the singer, including bikinis.


A look into the closet and life of the exceptional singer

The special exhibition "Amy Winehouse- between Blues & Bikini" in the BikiniARTmuseum in Bad Rappenau offers visitors an intimate insight into the extravagant closet of the voice of the century: Whether floral-patterned two-piece, ruffled lingerie, skimpy hot pants or dazzling metallic leggings - the singer always broke all style categories with her choice of clothes. The garments were all acquired by the museum at an auction in November 2021 and are now being made accessible to the public for the first time. The exhibits vividly illustrate Amy Winehouse's very personal relationship with swimwear and build a bridge to her life away from the stage and the spotlight - the beach as a place of escape and safe space has a special significance here.

The exhibits vividly illustrate Amy Winehouse's very personal relationship with swimwear. © Charles Moriarty

Amy Winehouse beyond media excesses and illumination of the "Club 27" myth

In the exhibition, rare photographs by Charles Moriarty, a former companion of the singer, present further counter-narratives to the general narrative of the addicted soul diva: They show Amy Winehouse before the time of her fame and express an unusually carefree image of the then aspiring musician and her sparklingly creative personality. In addition to illuminating various biographical stages, the exhibition also gets to the bottom of the "Club 27" myth: Is it a coincidence that a number of music legends such as Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain or Janis Joplin died so young? Can their excessive lifestyles be blamed for their early deaths? Is it even a curse? Visitors learn about the background to the emergence of the mythicized club and explore related theories.

Charles Moriarty's photographs show the singer unconcerned before her big break. © Charles Moriarty

The exhibition opening will take place on July 22, 2022, starting at 11 a.m. and will be closed to the public. From July 23 to March 31, 2023, the special exhibition will be on display at the BikiniARTmuseum - after that it will go on tour and will be available for loan requests from April 2023.