In the best hotel in Rio de Janeiro, with a fantastic view over Copacabana and Sugarloaf Mountain, the BikiniARTmuseum invited the protagonists of Brazilian swimwear to thank them for their extensive support in decorating the museum. Lenny Niemeyer from the label of the same name, Sharon Azulay from Blueman, Nicole Degreas from Adriana Degreas and Cidinho Pereira from Bum Bum Ipanema came to accept the certificates as premium partners of the BikiniARTmuseum in a small ceremony. The entire management team of the Brazilian edition of ELLE magazine was also present and will report on the event in the next issue. Alexander Ruscheinsky thanked the historically most important Brazilian swimwear labels for the historic swimwear pieces, the photo and film materials, and the interviews and film opportunities given at the companies and swimwear stores, which were compiled into a large documentary that will be shown at the museum. Commentary on the event, which caused a big stir on social media, was as follows....

Magda Cotrofe herself, Carnival TV and swimwear icon from Rio de Janeiro and curator of Latin America for the museum, led the event.

Fairmont Copacabana: Lenny Niemeyer, best swimwear label 2018, and BikiniARTmuseum CEO Alexander Ruscheinsky look at how you and your brand have been implemented in the museum ©BikiniARTmuseum

"Everything the fashion industry of Rio and Sao Paulo has to offer", from left. Cidinho Pereira, Alexander Ruscheinsky, Nicole Degreas, Sharon Azulay and Lenny Niemeyer