From 5 July, the BikiniARTmuseum, in cooperation with the Schuster Collection, will be showing an icon of pin-up art: Bunny Yeager - The Queen of Pinup. This first BAM temporary exhibition, which has already been shown very successfully in California, runs until August 2021.

Rediscovery and comeback of pin-up art
For more than a decade now, pin-up art has been celebrating a dazzling comeback. Many world stars such as Christina Aguilera, Lana Del Rey and Katy Perry have been inspired by the elegant sex appeal of pin-up girls. They all copy this vintage style, which is mostly associated with the fifties. An absolute highlight of pin-up photography from this period is shown in the BikiniARTmuseum: Pin-up model Bunny Yeager switched to the side behind the camera in the mid-fifties. This not only earned Bunny Yeager the nickname "Most Beautiful Photographer in the World", but also laid the foundation for a world career. In the 1990s, the Berlin curator Helmut Schuster brought Bunny Yeager's photographic art back into the world public eye. The photographs have already been shown in many renowned museums and will be the prelude to the temporary exhibitions of the BikiniARTmuseum starting July 5th.

Bunny Yeager - Pin-up icon and multi-talent
Bunny Yeager (1930-2014) was an American photographer and former pin-up model. She established the bikini in the conservative USA of the 1950s. Wearing a two-piece was far from normal in the USA at the time, so Yeager oriented herself towards the more permissive France and created her own bikinis for her world-famous photo shoots, which she knitted and sewed herself. She played a decisive role in the discovery of the pin-up icon Bettie Page, to whose popularity Yeager's special theme shots made a significant contribution. Yeager was also the photographer of Ursula Andress' world-famous beach pictures as Honey Rider in the James Bond film "007 chases Dr. No". The BikiniARTmuseum owns the hand-signed photo series "Funland" by Bunny Yeager with Bettie Page as model.

Bettie Page - Pioneer of the sexual revolution
Bettie Page (1923-2008) was America's most famous pin-up model in the 1960s and also contributed significantly to the social acceptance of the bikini. In 1954 Bettie Page was discovered by Bunny Yeager. With her freedom of movement, the New Yorker was already far ahead of the imminent sexual revolution.

29 photographs with a surprise
The 29 photographs document the collaboration with Bettie Page as well as the beginning of the career of the pin-up model Maria Stinger, who was also discovered by Bunny Yeager. For her work in front of the camera Maria Stinger became known as "Marilyn Monroe of Miami". Finally, the exhibition also features a surprise: the photographs of Bunny Yeager also show the young Sammy Davis Jr. However, Sammy Davis Jr. is not an entertainer, but with his other talent - as a photographer.

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