The A6 Boulevard is founded!
9 visitor magnets on 50 km establish new brand

The A6-Boulevard is a marketing association of 9 visitor magnets along the approximately 50 km long motorway section of the A6, for instance between the triangle Hockenheim and the Weinsberger Kreuz.

There have always been hopeful approaches for decades, but now they have succeeded: The marketing community "A6-Boulevard" has formed with nine highly attractive visitor magnets. Each of the individual companies generates customers through its not inconsiderable advertising measures. Only the guest knowledge for the most part not at all that there are other attractive facilities in the immediate vicinity which they would like to visit. With the "A6-Boulevard" brand, it will be possible to enlarge the catchment area and thus promote tourism lasting several days along the "Hockenheim Triangle" and "Weinsberger Kreuz" motorway sections, also to the advantage of the hotel industry, gastronomy and trade in the nearby towns. Here lies truly a sleeping giant with tremendous potential. Such a concentration of visitor magnets at such a short distance is unsurpassed. Examples are marketing communities such as the "Black Forest Adventure Region", the "Museum Island Berlin", "Ski amadé", "Salzburg Sports World" or the "Route 66" and the "17-Mile Drive".

The following companies have joined forces to form theA6-Boulevard Marketing Association:
(1) Hockenheimring
(2) BikiniARTmuseum Bad Rappenau
(4) RappSoDie Bad Rappenau
(5) Salzbergwerk Bad Friedrichshall
(6) Erlebnispark Tripsdrill
(8) experimenta Heilbronn

From the very beginning, the BTB Bad Rappenau, Heilbronner Land and Heilbronn Marketing tourism offices have been involved and important partners.

Inaugurate the advertising column (from left to right)): Timo Künzel (RappSoDie Bad Rappenau), Stephan Roth (THERMEN& BADEWELT Sinsheim), Tina Gutberlet (Hockenheimring) , Alfred Ehrhard (KLIMA ARENA), Svenja Krauskopf (Bad Friedrichshall Salt Mine), Bärbel Renner (experimenta Heilbronn), Daniel Ruscheinsky (BikiniARTmuseum), Thomas Aurich (NECKARMEILE), Helmut Fischer (Tripsdrill Adventure Park), Helmut Fischer (Erlebnispark Tripsdrill).

The large advertising pillar with the A6 boulevard lettering, advertising flyers and text information on all locations in the network is now set up in a central location at the companies. Prof. Dr. Bärbel Renner from experimenta speaks of the community as "a great opportunity to increase supraregional awareness", something special on a short distance "you don't have it everywhere", enthuses Svenja Krauskopf about the salt mines.

With the title A6 Boulevard, an unspent name has been found that promises cosmopolitanism, variety and central location. The visitor magnets of the marketing community create a unique experience package from the fields of science, history, nature experience, understanding of nature, health, recreation, leisure fun, motor sports, music, festivals and experience gastronomy. An offer that is highly attractive in its variety and intensity for every holiday planning, both for visitors from home and abroad.

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