Corona also makes before bikinis do not get. The eagerly awaited opening of the BikiniARTmuseum has to be postponed, the completion work is running unchecked. We venture a look behind the scenes.


Everything must be meticulously planned, tested and documented beforehand. Each labeling text is individually designed. Colours, fonts, sizes and much more decide the BAM team on site. @BikiniARTmuseum
Construction of the showcases.
Each showcase is custom-made and designed to meet the exact requirements of the respective historical exhibits.
© BikiniARTmuseum
We like it PINK! I wonder which historical swimwear label will move into the pink display case? A corsetry table has already moved in. ©BikiniARTmuseum
First swimwear pieces are being tested. ©BikiniARTmuseum
The unique collection of the BikiniARTmuseum starts with the beginnings of public bathing. With the construction of the historical showcase, swimwear pieces from the decades 1870 to 1930 move in. ©BikiniARTmuseum

The historical showcase houses some of the greatest rarities, such as the historical full body clothing. ©BikiniARTmuseum
The precious alignment of the exponents, lighting and lettering is done step by step through many tests. © BikiniARTmuseum
The museum floor is taped, everything is temporary. A photo as a souvenir of the wonderful tests is still available. © BikiniARTmuseum

A showcase lid is used provisionally as a substructure. ART director Johanna Müller makes her first installation test. Do the mannequins fit? What is the optimum height? Which swimwear? In the background the Eiffel Tower in the vintage style of graffiti star Rene Turrek. ©BikiniARTmuseum

Also on the Instagram account, updates and insights behind the scenes of the museum are diligently shown... To the account

With the themes of swimwear and bathing culture, beautiful memories and good moods are pre-programmed! We hope that the first glimpses behind the scenes of the world's first swimwear museum will not disappoint you and make you want to marvel at the many, very personal stories on an area of around 2,000 square metres.

Dear BAM friends, it will be fantastic!

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