This will be an exciting story. On 04 March in the course of the morning, the almost 10 metre high JANARA is to be hoisted onto the roof of the five-storey BikiniARTmuseum with a hydraulic terrain crane. At a height of a good 20 metres it is enthroned after a successful action, visible from afar. The journey starts the day before with a special transport from the Maria Laach monastery, where the bikini sculpture was forged, via the A6 motorway to Bad Rappenau, 230 km away.

We would like to invite you to be part of this unique event for the region:

Wednesday, March 4, 2020, morning.
Beginning 08:00 hrs, installation around 12:00 hrs
New building of the BikiniARTmuseum, Buchäckerring 42, 74906 Bad Rappenau

JANARA goes on a journey. In the monastery Maria Laach the sculpture, which is almost 10 meters high, was forged. The production took almost 5 months. Now the symbolic figure of the world's first swimwear museum is ready. JANARA will be placed on the roof of the BikiniARTmuseum on 04 March. Then she lifts up her red boxing gloves for the brave women of yesterday and today.

We would be pleased if you would like to participate in the installation and ask you to send us your feedback by 28 February 2020. The installation of the symbolic figure can only take place in good weather. We will inform you at short notice of any changes.

In addition, the following event will take place in the evening in the BikiniARTmuseum, to which we would like to invite you as well:
Best Western Hotel Bad Rappenau, 1st floor, Buchäckerring 42, 74906 Bad Rappenau (directly next to the new building of the BikiniARTmuseum).

Photo: Kappest / Mendig municipality
Photo: Kappest / Mendig municipality
Photo: Kappest / Mendig municipality

Motif: Symbol for the liberation of the woman
Summer is still far away and with it the time when one enjoys the warm sun in airy and light clothes. But this was not always the case: for over 100 years, women fought against social morals and political bathing regulations to be able to wear what they wanted to wear when bathing in public. In all countries there were prohibitions and penalties. Women could even go to prison if they did not comply with the regulations. In the beginning, swimming was even life-threatening with the prescribed amount of clothes, which weighed many kilograms. The liberation of the female body into comfortable and safe swimwear was a struggle for every inch of fabric. And there were a number of very strong women who fought for the self-determination of women in society. "Women Power" is one of the main themes in the BikiniARTmuseum (short: "BAM") and JANARA the corresponding symbolic figure.

Provocative & so feminist
BAM is the first place in the world where historical and contemporary knowledge on swimwear and bathing culture gathered around the globe is brought together and presented to the public. It will soon be opened in Bad Rappenau, the town on the A6 motorway exit, which is often referred to as the capital of swimwear. JANARA will soon be enthroned on the roof of the museum in an impressive size. JANARA depicts a girl from the 1950s wearing a bikini and boxing gloves in a winning pose. The creator of this figure, created with grace and feeling, is Doris Geraldi, a well-known sculptor from Rio de Janeiro. In the Maria Laach monastery, master blacksmith Edgar Radar and his seven-member team took up the challenge of forging the almost 10-metre tall figure. JANARA quickly became a favourite project. The figurative representation and adherence to the exact proportions of the filigree original model of 560mm made the work extremely difficult. After almost 5 months of forging JANARA and her globe is finally finished. The works in steel were hot-dip galvanized and powder coated. In the night from 03. to 04. March JANARA travels with a special transporter from Maria Laach via the motorway A6 to Bad Rappenau, 230 km away, where she will be set up in the morning of 04. March.

Your contact person:

Roxanne Ruscheinsky
i (0) 941 / 280 90 99 3