Pikinni XXIV - The official game of the BikiniARTmuseum is LIVE!

Pikinni XXIV is an exceptional card game and each card a work of art in its own right!

It is very easy and fast to learn, but tricky to play. Even traditional skat and sheep head players are totally enthusiastic. The principle of the game is completely different from what you are used to with card games. Because the only thing that matters is to correctly estimate the number of stitches you will be doing from the outset. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game.


The Pikinni XXIV playing card motifs form a cross section of many themes, which can be seen in the BikiniARTmuseum (short "BAM"), the world's first museum for swimwear and bathing culture. The card game for two to four players makes you tingly. Because the motifs around Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot or "Gidget", the first famous surfer in the USA, illustrate Hollywood divas, style icons and important pioneers of swimwear in equal measure - in line with the motto sun, beach, bikinis and lots of sea(h)r. The playing card suits are also assigned to country groups - just like the exhibitions in the Lifestyle Museum itself. Pikinni XXIV presents Brazil, USA, Germany and France with the rest of Europe.

Behind every playing card is an incomparable story and exciting background. In addition, there are very close contacts with many of the persons depicted. All of them can be seen in detail in the BikiniARTmuseum.
SPECIAL: The wonderful cartoons were created by the famous New York illustrator SARANOVELA created. Here every playing card is a work of art in its own right!

The "Ace" playing cards are reserved for the big bikini icons of the film and model scene like Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Giselle Bündchen or Claudia Schiffer.
"Queens": Grand Dames like the famous opera singer and bikiniARTmuseum fan Ruth Megary, the first famous surfer of the USA "Gidget", the Bossa Nova icon Helô Pinheiro and the worldwide swimwear expert Ghislaine Rayer from Paris.
"Jack." Woman power & scandals around Leila Deiniz, Micheline Bernadini, Annette Kellermann and the scandalous 7:1 football photo that almost caused an international conflict. Also on display: Brenna Huckaby, the first model to be portrayed with an obvious physical disability on Sports Illustrated, Charlotte Kuhrt, representative of the body-positive movement, but also motifs from legendary film scenes around Baywatch or James Bond. Last but not least on the "7" card designs: The big international swimwear manufacturers such as Triumph, Jantzen, Blueman or Salinas.
A few men on the "Kings", such as of course the great swimwear visionary Louis Réard, who was far ahead of his time, Cidinho, the craziest swimwear manufacturer in the world, or Michael Phelps, the most successful swimmer of all time.


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