Category 1: High Fashion & Elegance  

(Collection or line)

Recognizing a brand that has redefined new luxurious and glamourous swim designs. The sensitive selection and composition of material, color and cut, as well as a high quality, result in timeless style and love for details. Extraordinary, chic, resort ware.

Winner 2020: Zimmermann

Category 2: Colorful & Jolly  

(Collection or line)

Recognizing a brand for an energetic, playful or feminine swimwear collection or line. Swimwear that makes women feel happy and lifts the mood.

Winner 2020: Bfyne

Category 3: Extravagant & Provocative

(Collection or line)

Recognizing a brand that hasan authentic collection idea, interesting cuts as well as a sensitive selection and composition of material, or that features fabric innovations that brought swimwear into the cultural conversation. Eye-catching, dramatic, wild, unique silhouettes for swimwear that makes women feel fabulous and empowered.

Winner 2020: Etro

Category 4: Newcomers

(Collection or line)

Celebrating emerging talents in the swimwear industry by recognizing the creativity and innovation of a newcomer collection. The company shouldn't have been in the market for more than 3 years.

Winner 2020: Lanasia

Category 5: Retro

(Line or one swimwear piece)

Recognizing a brand that hascontributed a line or single piece, redefining a fabulous look(s) from the pastin a contemporary interpretation of former times.  

Winner 2020: Adriana Degreas

Category 6: Sustainability & Innovation

(Collection or line)

Recognizing a brand whose innovative collection, line or single piece has had a notable impact on the industry through creativity in product design, campaigns or collaborations, orhas made concrete efforts to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Winner 2020: MissesBrie

JANARA Swimwear Honorary Award:
Winner 2020: Cidinho Pereira

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JANARA Swimwear Award 2020: The winners have been determined

5 July - International Bikini Day

The "JANARA Swimwear Award" annually honours the best swimwear labels for their outstanding collections. Women's favourite garments and a booming global market worth billions, bikinis and swimsuits are everywhere and increasingly becoming the focus of attention. Refined cuts, finest fabrics, new materials and extravagant applications, the swimwear range is becoming more and more multi-faceted and extensive. At the same time, really cheeky start-ups with new ideas are sprouting from the ground, especially with sustainability themes, environmental responsibility or social messages.
With the JANARA Swimwear Award 2020, the international jury of the "Foundation" of the first worldwide museum for swimwear and bathing culture has for the first time given an award to honour the best swimwear labels for their outstanding collection / line / individual piece 2020 and to bring transparency to the still young consumer market. Elections were held in six categories. In addition, the "JANARA Swimwear Honorary Award" was presented for outstanding achievements in the swimwear industry. The winner was the Brazilian Cidinho Pereira, who is celebrating 40 years with the company and is already a swimwear legend in South America during his lifetime.

Black Lives Matter
The US label MissesBrie is the winner in the category Sustainability & Innovation. Founder Brielle Anyea not only makes fashion for women away from the ideal bikini figure suggested by the advertising world, but also links her brand to socio-political issues and openly supports the "Black Lives Matter" movement. Misses Brie stands for "uplifting every woman, praising each other for every achievement, andreminding everyone to do everything with love.

"Unleash your inner Fynebabe", the swimwear label Bfyne from the USA is the winner of the category Extravagant & Provocative. The 2020 collection combines African patterns with bold cut-outs.

Adriana Degreas: "Vintage aesthetic is an inspiration"
In the retro category, several models by Adriana Degreas from Sao Paulo were in the top category. The Brazilian "Bain Couture" did not allow for any other winner with its new interpretation of the Réard Rose bikini and the line "The New Vintage".

Two sisters from Liechtenstein are simply not to be overlooked. Lanasia is the winner of the category Newcomer. "Sustainability can be sexy" is the perfect mixture and hopeful message that recyclable and resource-saving are no contradiction to sophistication and visual appeal.

In the High Fashion & Elegance category, the Australian label Zimmermann won, convincing the jury with its elegant romanticism.

In the Colorful & Jolly category, the Italian label Etro captivated with its Far Eastern flair.

Also on top rankings: Lenny Niemeyer, Ashanti Swimwear, Dolce & Gabanna, Marlies Dekkers, Pain de Sucreund My Marini.


Cidinho Pereira, a legend in his lifetime - winner of the JANARA Swimwear HonoraryAward 2020

Cidinho Pereira is one of the most important personalities in the field of swimwear history in South America. He is the inventor of the bikini models "Asa Delta" (in English: "raised rib") and "Fio Dental" (in English: "dental floss") Cidinho Pereira is one of the pioneers. In 1979 the Brazilian opened the first pure swimwear store in South America in the Ipanema district of Rio de Janeiro. A short time later he founded his own label "BumBum Ipanema" and transformed his store into a pure BumBum Ipanema store. This was the first brand store in South America. The swimwear label expanded rapidly, and in the meantime had stores in California and Ibiza. His fashion shows featured the entire squad of supermodels.

The JANARA Swimwear Award is held annually. The jury is made up of international experts, such as Ghislaine Rayer (Paris), Bruce Wigo (Fort Lauderdale), Helmut Schuster (Miami/Berlin), Roger Fritz (Munich).

The sponsor is the BikiniARTmuseum Foundation, the expert council and representatives of the open archive of the BikiniARTmuseum in Bad Rappenau, Germany.


Winner Category 1: High Fashion & Elegance: Zimmermann

Category 2 winners: Colorful& Jolly: Etro

Winner Category 3: Extravagant & Provocative: Bfyne

Winner Category 4 Newcomer: Lanasia

Winner Category 5 Retro: Adriana Degreas

Winner Category 6 Sustainability & Innovation: MissesBrie


Winner Category "JANARA Swimwear Honorary Award": Cidinho Pereira

For further information on the labels, the call for tenders and supplementary evaluations, please contact Request. We are happy to provide you with the statements of the JANARA Swimwear Award 2020 winners for your press use.

As the gala could not take place due to Corona, an official JANARA Swimwear Award 2020 Video will be published after the 05th of July 2020. You can find the PressKIT here.


With kind regards

Maximilian Lang
BikiniARTmuseum Foundation
COO BikiniARTmuseum

Adriana Degreas - Winner 2020 Category "Retro" ©
Adriana Degreas

Lanasia - Winner 2020 Category Newcomer ©
Janara Swimwear Award 2020 - Winner Category Sustainability & Innovation MissesBrie © MissesBrie
JANARA Swimwear Award 2020 - Winner Category High Fashion & Elegance Zimmermann, Winner Category Colorful & Jolly Etro, Winner Category Extravagant & Provocative Bfyne ©
BAM Foundation
Cidinho Pereira - Winner 2020 Category JANARA Honorary Award © BAM Foundation
JANARA Swimwear Award 2020 ©
BAM Foundation

further statistics

Winner by countries

Rank 1 USA 2 Winner
Rank 2 Italy 1 Winner
Brazil 1 Winner
Liechtenstein 1 Winner
Australia 1 Winner


Top rankings by country

Rank 1 USA 5 Top Rankings

Rank 2 Brazil 3 Top Rankings
Italy 3 Top Rankings

Rank 4 France 2 top rankings
Liechtenstein 2 top rankings


Total scoring by country

Rank 1 USA 126 points

Rank 2 Italy 38 Points

Rank 3 Brazil 34 Points

Rank 4 Liechtenstein 31Points

Rank5 France 28 Points

Rank6 Australia 17 Points

Rank7 Netherlands 14 Points

Rank 6 Germany 11 Points

Rank 9 Great Britain 5 Points

Rank 10 UnitedKingdom 4 Points
China 4 Points

Rank 12 Israel 3 Points

Rank 13 Spain 2 Points

Rank 14 Korea 1 Point


Total scoring by continents

Rank 1 Europe 136 points

Rank 2 North America 126 Points

Rank 3 South America 34 Points

Rank 4 Australia 17 Points

Rank 5 Asia 5 Points