BikiniARTmuseum successful 15 times at Hollywood auction 

Amy Winehouse is a music legend with magical charisma. It was the early death of the extravagant singer with the unmistakable and stirring voice that made her immortal. Now, on two days last weekend, the personal belongings of the soul legend were auctioned off by the renowned auction house "Julien's Auctions" in Los Angeles. Not big cars, gold chains or luxury goods went over the auction table, but very personal possessions such as clothes, shoes, underwear, bags, socks, CDs and books. Among them were even the textbooks for her driving test.

And yet the network of Winehouse fans exploded. 3,000 licensed bidders worldwide drove prices online and on site to record heights. The forecast values were exceeded many times over. A designer dress worn by Amy Winehouse at her last public appearance on 18 June 2011 sold for a staggering $243,000, far exceeding the auction estimate of $15,000. A pink radio worth $300 changed hands for $15,000 - and only because it was Amy's radio. In total, around 800 personal items fetched more than $4 million at auction. The BikiniARTmuseum once again bid vigorously and auctioned off unique exhibits from the areas of swim and beach fashion and "corset & lingerie" to the great satisfaction of the head of "History & Archive", Lisa Otten.