Bad Rappenau, the "capital of swimwear", will have a unique museum without any precedent. The world's first museum for swimwear and bathing culture opens there on 5 July. The "two-generation project" will not only delight the classic museum guest with its historical expertise and world-class exhibits (from 1870 to the present day), but will also be a hip location, colourful, cheeky, interactive, communicative and with lots of music, for young people. And it will be a place of many wonderful memories. A touch of Hollywood, of the film and music world and of celebrities who had themselves photographed or filmed in a very private atmosphere.

Bardot and Monroe - sensational in self-marketing
Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe were among those young stars at the time who provoked with the then still controversial bikini to draw attention to themselves. In her bikini, Brigitte Bardot skillfully attracted the thunderstorm of flashbulbs on the beach in Cannes. Already in the forties Marilyn Monroe in a bikini made it onto the front pages of the magazines. Contemporary, life-size productions were created at BAM for these two protagonists. At the same time, Bardot and Monroe are omnipresent in fashion, photography and film at BAM - as in the multimedia Louis Réard Show, which includes both floors of the museum.

Director Luchino Visconti with private views on the beach, surrounded by his dogs and friends in Ostia. Ursula Andress - the most famous Bond girl, who rose to world star status as Honey Ryder in 1962 with her now cult appearance in a white belted bikini in Dr. No. Presidents and royal families, as well as a whole range of rulers, enjoyed relaxing in swimwear. At BAM, for example, you can meet the U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump the latter with Melania. Trump did so several times, as he was for years a promoter at the forefront of international contests. And then you see monarchs like Prince Rainier of Monaco with Grace Kelly or Prince Charles with Lady Di and the "They kissed and they fought" dream couple. Richard Burton and Liz Taylor. The photographer Roger Fritz not only had the expected stars like Uschi Glas or Barbara Valentin in swimwear in front of his lens, but also the publisher Frieder Burda or the singer Udo Lindenberg. Would you have known that former US President Ronald Reagan was already working as a lifeguard at the age of 15? Together with his first wife, the film star Jane Wyman, Reagan appeared in 1940 in Vogue in what was then the hottest swimwear. The couple were a favorite child of the tabloid press and liked to be photographed while swimming in the pool. Almost at the same time to the success of Jane Wyman the film career of "the bathing Venus" Esther Williams started. One of her famous golden swimsuits can be admired in its original version in the BikiniARTmuseum from 5 July. Only separated by a pane of glass is the visitor from original swimwear worn by Elke Sommer or Joan Collins. In addition, Baywatch main actress Pamela Andersondie will certainly attract attention on several occasions. Scarlett Johannson, who has won many awards, can also be met in the BikiniARTmuseum at one of her most famous shootings in swimwear. At the same time, the superstars of the current music scene such as Nicky Minaj or Katy Perry will delight visitors.
Only one didn't take his clothes off! Karl Lagerfeld refused to appear in ordinary swimwear. Instead, his muse Claudia Schiffer accompanied him in an irresistible Chanel swimsuit with noble thread.

But discover for yourself!