Marilyn Monroe comes to the Ländle in the museum

Graceful, sensual, unforgettable: The US actress and pin-up icon Marilyn Monroe is one of the greatest film stars of the 20th century. As a sex symbol Norma Jeane Baker, whose civil name is Norma Jeane Baker, was celebrated and revered for her feminine curves. She was predestined for swimwear photos and became one of the pioneers who made the two-piece world famous through the many shootings with fantastic results. An affair with the President of the United States, Andy Warhol's iconic pop art portraits and countless myths about her untimely death have made her the film legend of all time. Now a touch of Marilyn Monroe comes to the museum in the Ländle.

The Marilyn Monroe velvet and lace swimsuit was handed over to the BikiniARTmuseum.

When the bikini was still hotly disputed, the very young Norma Jeane was already posing skilfully in it. This was the civil name of the Monroe before it became known. The BikiniARTmuseum owns the original magazine Laff", on whose cover the later film legend first shone in a bikini in 1946. Now another hot historical exhibit by Marilyn Monroe is added. The world's leading swimwear expert, author of the most important French book on the history of swimwear: "Bikini, la légende", and, together with her partner Patrice Gaulupeau, owner of one of the world's most famous lingerie and corset collections, "Nuits de Satin", travelled from Paris to Bad Rappenau on 22 February and presented the BikiniARTmuseum with the very valuable velvet and lace swimsuit as part of her unique collection.

This model from CATALINA was worn by Marilyn Monroe for the commercial shoot with photographer Frank Powolny for the post-war comedy "Love Nest". For such promotion campaigns, exclusively custom-made swimwear was produced. Since this swimsuit is assumed to have been worn by Marilyn Monroe, this piece of swimwear and film history is exceptionally valuable in two respects.

This completes the transfer of the historical swimwear collection of Ghislaine Rayer and Patrice Gaulupeau from Paris with over 400 exhibits to the BikiniARTmuseum. The Marilyn Monroe swimsuit will be given its own very special presentation alongside the "Golden Réard" - the world's most historically valuable bikini.

Presentation of the Marilyn Monroe swimsuit by leading swimwear expert Ghislaine Rayer from Paris to the BikiniARTmuseum © BikiniARTmuseum

Over the black velvet and lace swimsuit by CATALINA
Marilyn Monroe wore the model at a studio photo shoot by the famous photographer Frank Powolny for the famous swimwear brand CATALINA. For decades, the historic and internationally active US swimwear manufacturer equipped the Miss Universe competitions and advertised with the slogan "Styled for the Stars of Hollywood". For the marketing campaigns, Hollywood starlets like Marilyn were hired.
Although Marilyn was still a young actress at that time, the pictures of the photo shoot adorned the front pages of many magazines at home and abroad. A recording of this shooting was also selected for the advertising poster of the American post-war comedy "Love Nest".

About Ghislaine Rayer:
Ghislaine Rayer is one of the world's leading swimwear experts. She is also the author of the most important French book on the history of swimwear: "Bikini, la légende". Their opinion is regularly asked for in expert committees as well as in TV programmes. Together with her partner Patrice Gaulupeau she owns the world-famous lingerie and corset collection "Nuits de Satin". Ghislaine Rayer is closely involved in the development of BAM. In 2017 she was appointed to the "International Board of Swimwear History (IBoSH)".

Published in the BILD, Merkur, Stimme, RNZ.