Only the BikiniARTmuseum can do that! Two-generation concept captivates.

U30 and Ü50 on the stage after the show, dancing as if electrified and united. And in the middle of it all, the models of the extravagant and provocative swimwear show: bikini-wearing young boys and mannequins with breathtaking swim costumes. 

TheBikiniARTmuseum - which stands for stagings, socio-political disputes, communication and a museum concept that has never been successfully implemented before, in which whole groups of young people populated the cultural temple alongside typical museum visitors - invited visitors to the Saturday evening festival with three polarising programme blocks. First, everything revolved around the original David Hasselhoff swimming trunks, Lisa and Alexandra spoke about Hollywood, #metoo and Raquel Welch's forced sex symbol career, the Shakespeare Company Coelln performed Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in a very beachy interpretation, and then two fashion shows literally swept the audience off their feet.

With Brazilian supermodel Magda Cotrofe as guest star, the female and male mannequins enchanted the audience with a swimwear world spanning three centuries, starting in 1871, 150 years ago.

And then came Fernando Cozendey, the hyped designer from Rio, who provides the hundred million clicked video clips of the young Rio scene with fancy outfits with his bang swimwear collection 2021, men's bikinis and swimwear costumes and an extra production as a gift for the BikiniARTmuseum, all flown in by express directly from Rio.

Cozendey just won the "Extravagant and Provocative" category of the JANARA Swimwear Award 2021, which showcases the most outstanding collections worldwide. After the enthusiastic presentation, there was no stopping them. Spa guests from Bad Rappenau and dashing young ladies danced with the models and tried to get a photo with the hot bikini-wearing Noah.

Men's Bikini by Fernando Cozendey Wows Spa Ladies
Swimwear from back then...
to the original BikiniARTmuseum swimming costume and bikini by Lanasia.
Brazil Star and Model Magda Cotrofe
Another designer piece by Fernando Cozendey