Sunday 05. July: BikiniARTmuseum opened

Free Entry! Dress rehearsal with Bad Rappenauer:inside the day before

Dear friends of the BikiniARTmuseum,

Finally, on the first Sunday in July it is time for "provocative & so feminist". The world's first museum for swimwear and bathing culture in Bad Rappenau lets the curtains go up with three centuries of swimwear and intensive entertainment. Because of Corona without a big opening ceremony, but this will be made up for. Already on Saturday, 4 July, the people of Bad Rappenau - the initiators of the BikiniARTmuseum have a strong bond "with the town and its people" - can be the very first to test and enjoy their BikiniARTmuseum exclusively and in peace.

"Aloha", finally the time has come, the "capital of swimwear" Bad Rappenau and thus Baden-Württemberg gets a unique museum without any role model. That is why it already enjoys the highest international attention. The opening day of the "International Bikini Day" has been well chosen, so that a global echo can be expected again.

"The Golden Réard", probably the most valuable bikini in the world
The "BAM" has the most valuable collection of swimwear, starting in 1870 and extending to the present day. Outstanding the possession of three quarters of all existing Louis Réard pieces. Réard is the inventor of the bikini and each swimwear piece is a rarity for any museum. "The Golden Réard" stands out once again and is the most historically valuable bikini ever.

Shows, stagings, art and many stories
The visitor to the museum will be surprised by the diversity of the thematic treatment. Shows, music and movement, many astonishing works of art on the theme, countless opportunities to make something yourself and stories from all continents guarantee a holiday that is as informative as it is entertaining.

Secure a place for yourself quickly Bad Rappenau will undoubtedly become the "capital of swimwear" due to its history and the "BAM". It is a well-known health resort with a spa and accommodated with Benger Ribana and Felina two historically important swimwear companies. "We have a great affinity with the town of Bad Rappenau", says Mr. Weinmann, the museum director, "our project has been greatly supported by the town for years and the town archive has provided us with great exhibits. Also from the population came only positive things and even help".

As a small thank-you, the capital city residents can now test their BikiniARTmuseum free of charge and as a first exclusive in advance. On Saturday, July 4, there will be hourly guided tours between 10 and 19 o'clock.

Every person from Bad Rappenau is cordially invited to attend and can register at the email address Please hurry, capacities are limited. The guided tours will be allocated according to the time of receipt of the emails. Please register with your name, address, number of persons (maximum 4 persons) and desired time for your tour.

Yours sincerely,

Maximilian Lang
COO BikiniARTmuseum