In the heart of Munich, at Marienplatz, an oversized advertising poster is currently causing a sensation.

The 114 square meter bikini advertisement shows top model Adriana Lima, who presents an extremely short bikini by swimwear manufacturer Calzedonia.

The Italian fashion brand has positioned the lavish advertising poster in the middle of Marienplatz on the construction site of the Hugendubel House and will be present there until 16 June.

While the majority of passers-by and tourists enjoy the new attraction, critical voices are becoming increasingly loud. Politicians, tourist guides and the Equal Opportunities Department have already expressed their displeasure with a sexualised and misogynistic advertising format.

Swimwear manufacturer Calzedonia, on the other hand, is likely to enjoy the unexpectedly high level of publicity.

Incidentally, the Calzedonia Bikini campaign includes a Youtube spot featuring Adriana Lima, who is celebrating her 35th birthday today.