We look forward to opening our doors to the public on 05 July 2020 - the International Day of the Bikini. Bit by bit, top-class exhibits, state-of-the-art technology and valuable works of art are moving into the museum. We venture a renewed look behind the scenes.

Art director Johanna and our historian Lisa proudly unveil the first exhibits of the swimwear brand Benger Ribana (Bad Rappenau) ©BikiniARTmuseum

With professional showcase lighting, the exhibits are shown to their best advantage ©BikiniARTmuseum

Pink and crazy!! In the BikiniARTmuseum bikinis are not just shown, they are staged ©BikiniARTmuseum

A highlight in the German section of the museum will certainly be the Triumph showcase. Here is a small part of it as a foretaste. ©BikiniARTmuseum

The BikiniARTmuseum owns well over 1000 bikinis which are historically valuable and partly irretrievable. Our experts know every bikini exactly and always stage them to suit the situation. ©BikiniARTmuseum

Rare old playboys are also in possession of the BikiniARTmuseum and can be admired by the visitors. ©BikiniARTmuseum

Even the most famous film spy 007 made it into the museum. After the visit to the museum, the only question that remains is whether you want to drink your martini shaken or stirred at the in-house bar Vagabond ... ©BikiniARTmuseum

In front of the BikiniARTmuseum is the wonderful ART lettering. The letters were designed by various artists to match the museum theme. They are part of a staging on the forecourt of the museum. Visitors can also look forward to a wonderful art garden with a water basin. ©BikiniARTmuseum


With the topics swimwear and bathing culture, the most beautiful memories and good mood are pre-programmed and that is exactly what we want to offer our visitors. We hope that these behind-the-scenes insights into the world's first swimwear museum will not disappoint you and make you want to marvel at the many, very personal stories on an area of around 2,000 square metres from 5 July 2020.

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