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About us

The BikiniARTmuseum is an official partner of the A6 Boulevard - nine visitor magnets over 50 km.

LOHA at the BikiniARTmuseum, the world's first place where the entire historical and contemporary knowledge around the globe on the topics of swimwear and swimwear culture is accumulated and presented to the public.

Since 5 July 2020, International Bikini Day, we have opened our doors to visitors from all over the world in Bad Rappenau, the capital of swimwear, right on the European transport hub of the A6 motorway (Paris-Heidelberg-Prague).
Come by, we are looking forward to seeing you!

Your BikiniARTmuseums team


The World's First Swimwear Community!

"Swimwear has to do with enjoying freedom. When a woman wants to buy a bikini, she thinks of the most beautiful things possible, has positive vibes. You think of the beach, the sea, the sky or love." (- Jacqueline de Biase, SALINAS).
When bathing, everyone is the same. On the beach, the social covers come off. Everyone wears their most emotional garment. A special space and a special community are created. This spirit should also be felt in the BikiniARTmuseum: The "Third Place" BikiniARTmuseum as a new umbrella community should unite all those who love the beach feeling and who, in the spirit of our mission, are in favour of unadulterated public bathing pleasure - we live diversity and welcome all people with open arms to the world's first international museum for swimwear and bathing culture!

Naturalness & refined eroticism, aesthetics & marketing, freedom & prohibitions - the bikini contains an explosive force that can never be explained. Hot summer days have their own laws. Self-determination and well-being cannot be put up for grabs.
Alexander Ruscheinsky
Initiator BikiniARTmuseum

The origin of the BAM

Where's Alda?

An adventurous encounter with the over 70-year-old Alda at the Esch Café in the trendy "Rua Dias Ferreiras" in Rio inspired Alexx to initiate the first worldwide swimwear museum. Alda produced bikinis herself and lived on the Côte d'Azur for a long time. She had countless photos of her prominent circle of friends, showing them together with the Monaco princesses as well as Jean Paul Belmondo in swimwear on the yacht or on quiet beaches. Alda's dream: to bring her turbulent life story to life in a bikini gallery. The contact broke off. Impressed by the meeting, Alexx became increasingly involved with swimwear and swim culture, which turned out to be diverse and profound subject areas and soon became a real passion. When it became clear that experts and elaborations existed on a national level, but a transnational summary was lacking, Alexx decided to create a swimwear museum. The socio-political aspect, the liberation of women against the regulations of a repressive society, was to be a central theme. Alexx never met Alda again. Calls and messages went unanswered. Alexx would have loved to tell Alda that her idea of conceiving a private bikini exhibition in Rio has now sprouted an international swimwear museum. "Maybe she's remarried and moved to the Cote d'Azur," Alexx muses, "but maybe she'll walk into the museum one day and say, 'Bom trabalho, meu amigo!'"


We are the treausure chest of swimwear and its history

The BikiniARTmuseum is characterised by a historically substantiated claim and functions as a competent, cross-continental knowledge pool for swimwear history. We are a meeting place for opinion leaders and an open archive for journalists, curators, school classes and fashion students. In order to make the new knowledge and contexts we have developed freely accessible, the "International Board of Swimwear History" was established with the BikiniARTmuseums Foundation. The board is particularly concerned with the topic of "Woman Power" in order to promote a self-confident image of women.

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The Gamechanger

We foster the enthusiasm of younger target groups through our creative and provocative museum interpretation. We combine the best of historical museum, art exhibition and multimedia show experience for young and old to participate in: private, cheeky, independent, edgy, surprising, emotional, unconventional, honest and critical. We are a meeting place, lifestyle hotspot and, above all, a passionate community. Why? A close bond has been spun between all the curators through intensive collaboration. When you enter our rooms, you feel the intimacy: no intimidating, elitist institution, but exchange, togetherness and flowing transitions between exhibits, artists and visitors. Every day, the museum management takes half an hour for you to answer questions, share insights or just chat about the weather. Come and talk to us!

Capital of swimwear

In the heart of the A6 Boulevard & Europe

Come and visit us at the gravitational field of visitor magnets and European traffic arteries! With Bad Rappenau as a historic spa town, birthplace of the historical swimwear brands Benger Ribana and Felina and the neighbouring headquarters of the swimwear global player Triumph, we are located in the heart of Europe. Combine your BAM fun with a visit to other unique offerings on the A6 Boulevard: There are nine first-class attractions on 50 km alone: With the Hockenheimring, the Therme & Badewelt Sinsheim, the TripsDrill amusement park or the Experimenta Heilbronn, we couldn't imagine a better location for you to educate, research, swim, explore, entertain & enjoy.



We exceed expectations!

Our aim is to offer all visitors informative, entertaining and varied hours around the development of swimwear culture and the related self-determination of women. A rollercoaster of emotions: exciting and feminist, fond memories of old times, pleasure and freedom, prohibitions and scandals, sensuality and pride, society and politics. We are a museum of the heart - our greatest joy would be if we succeeded in transferring some of our passion to our visitors.


Provocative & so feminist


opening hours

Opening on 04 January 2020.

Opening hours will be announced shortly.

Monday - Sunday
10:00 - 20:00
7:00 - 20:00
7:00 - 20:00
7:00 - 20:00
8:00 - 14:00
Extended opening hours on request
to the tickets


World's first Community of Swimwear offers various tickets. Additional costs may be incurred for special events and exhibitions. We would like to make our admission prices reasonable and give everyone the opportunity to discover the fascination of the Museum of Modern Art. We offer reduced prices for members, children and pensioners. Would you like more information? Please contact us.



Buchäckerring 4274906
Bad Rappenau, Germany
+49941280 90 99 3


Our aim is to provide all visitors with an unforgettable experience. Have we forgotten anything? Let us know!
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