The mission - encouraging women to be courageous 

Body positivity - Because every woman is beautiful

The mission of the BikiniARTmuseum is to encourage women of all ages, figures and skin colours to be "courageous" and to break away from conventional beauty ideals. A woman is most beautiful when she feels comfortable and satisfied with herself. For this reason, the museum also pays tribute to women with disabilities or restrictions due to birth, accident or illness, which shows how varied beauty can be. The BikiniARTmuseum is a tribute to the determined predecessors and pioneers of yesterday and today.

JANARA - With bikini and boxing gloves for the liberation of women 

10 meters of concentrated Woman Power - A monument for courageous women 

JANARA is enthroned on the roof of the museum in an imposing size. She depicts a girl from the 1950s in a bikini and boxing gloves in a winning pose. The creator of the figure, created with great grace and feeling, is Doris Geraldi, a well-known sculpture artist from Rio de Janeiro. In the Maria Laach monastery, master blacksmith Edgar Radar and his team of seven took up the challenge of forging the almost 10-metre tall figure. In the vote by Radio Ton, "Janara" won by an overwhelming majority ahead of "Ante Vitoria". Thus the mighty symbolic figure of the world's first swimwear museum has a name. "Janara" is derived from the language of the original inhabitants of the Amazon and means "Princess of Sweet Water".

What JANARA stands for - The triumphal procession of the liberation of women

JANARA is representative of the triumphant progress of the liberation of women. The liberation of the female body into comfortable and safe swimwear was a struggle for every inch of fabric. There were a number of very strong women who, over time, fought for the self-determination of women in society. "Woman Power" is one of the central themes in the BikiniARTmuseum and JANARA the corresponding symbolic figure.