The Liberation

The history of emancipation can also look back on a long and rocky road with regard to the development of bathing culture: For over 100 years, women on many continents fought against social morals and political bathing regulations. Swimming, especially in the open sea, was still life-threatening until the 20th century due to the prescribed amount of clothing. Through the tireless efforts of competitive swimmers, more comfortable and permissive swimwear gradually emerged. Today, modern swimwear is characterised by its diversity in terms of designs and ways of wearing it: From the micro-bikini to the burkini, everything is represented. Whether and to what extent a woman shows her body while bathing should ultimately be her individual decision - regardless of the "ideal bikini figure" that is often propagated in the media and advertising world.

JANARA - Our symbolic figure for the triumphant march of women

The mission of the BikiniARTmuseum is to encourage women of any age, figure or ethnicity to be "brave" and to break away from conventional beauty ideals a little. Every person is most beautiful when they feel good about themselves and are happy with themselves. The BikiniARTmuseum is a tribute to the determined trailblazers and forerunners of yesterday and today. To illustrate this, we have created JANARA: The approximately ten-metre-high symbolic figure depicts a young woman from the 1950s wearing a bikini and boxing gloves in a winning pose and stands for the triumph of women against conservative moral concepts. The creator of the figure, created with much grace and feeling, is Doris Geraldi, a well-known sculpture artist from Rio de Janeiro.

10 meters of concentrated Woman Power - A monument for courageous women

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